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Guest Races

By following Elvenar quests and reading through its story, one understands that the lands of the old world of Elvenar were once populated by many different races... It was a place of prosperity and knowledge, where development reached the most unimaginable peak! However, for reasons yet shrouded in mysteries and secrecy, all races but Elves and Humans disappeared.

With your efforts, research for new technologies and magic discoveries, your city has evolved and prospered and your citizens have become brilliant, wise and a bit magical too. As a result, they discovered a way to visit other dimensions, where the souls of the lost races are roaming, and figured out a way to revive them.

Guest race.png


Knowing how to revive the souls of the lost races is not enough! You need to help them to gain shape and form so that they get fully recovered and established!

As the newly revived race is weak at first, it will need your help bringing their culture back to former glory. To be able to do that you will allow the coming race to build a settlement within your city and although the economy of that settlement is closely linked to your town it will have additional rules and thus new challenges.

Cultural mix.jpg

In the end it will be a clash of cultures and you will learn from each other: the reviving race will learn from you how to get back on their feet in new Elvenar, but you will also get inside knowledge of long lost technologies of the old world that will help you to improve your buildings, upgrade them even further, improve your units and so on - it is mutual growth for a brighter future for both of you!

New tech.jpg

Once the "guest race" is strong enough to be on its own, has shared all its knowledge and has helped you to improve your own city, there is no need for their resources anymore and the settlement can be replaced with the next "Guest Race settlement".

But be at rest, they will leave their mark in your city - with new buildings, technologies and upgrades - so that you don't forget about them and you will always be remembered and proud of your accomplishments!


To be able to reach a new race you will first need to finish your own progress (the first one arrives in chapter VI). You will then need to build the gateway required for the race to come from the dimension, where their souls are roaming, into your city and connected it to your Main Hall. Finally you will need to connect their gateway to their own specific buildings using a special road. All those need to be researched in the Tech Tree.

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Dwarves are the first race you can revive using your wisdom and gathered knowledge!

Dwarves Top.png

In the old world there was no race as diligent and nimble as the Dwarves. They were settled at the foot of the mountain Haugur and Ragnarok, their Capital, was a splendid and rich city where you could hear the clashing sound of iron hammers moulding the steel, the shattering round dance of hoes and the cracking of the surface of the earth. Nothing could compare to Dwarves in craftsmanship and glory and the Golden Halls of Haugur were envied by all!

With your help, the Dwarves are back in Elvenar to regain their culture and rebuild their former greatness!

Dwarves bring Granite and Copper as special resources, new cultural buildings so that they can feel a bit more at home - nothing like a good Tavern to do that - and will convert your Steel Manufactories into true Dwarven ones - Steel craftsmanship was their speciality after all!


With their techniques and architectural expertise they will help you to upgrade your buildings even further and some will even take less space than before! Last but not least, they will share their knowledge about fighting skills and help some of your units to become stronger and even more powerful!

Dwarven Buildings

Przegląd krasnoludzkich budynków
Dwarven portal.png

Portal Krasnoludów

Portal tracks.png

Droga Portalu

Granite mine.png

Kopalnia Granitu

Copper foundry.png

Odlewnia Miedzi